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K-5 Summer Math Challenge

Want to see your child on the Math Wall of Fame at their school?
Can you imagine how far behind students would be if they stopped attending math class at the end of March? If a student doesn’t practice his or her math skills during the summer, it has the same effect on math achievement.
Your Summer Challenge is to check out the activities below and review the information on this chart to document your child’s progress.
Students who turn in their charts during the first week of the 2019-2020 school year will be recognized on the Math Wall of Fame in the school cafeteria!

Grades K-6 On IXL, math is more than just numbers. With unlimited questions, engaging item types, and real-world scenarios, IXL helps you experience math at its most mesmerizing!


Grades K-5: Calling all math detectives! If you love solving mysteries, Math Maven Mysteries are just for you.  Pick a mystery and get started on a case!


GradesK-6: Play Math Basketball, Baseball, TurkeyTouchdown and more at ABCya!  You can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division practice games.


Grades K-6:  At Math Play you can find a wide variety of fun and interactive games that you can play online.  All Math Play games are organized by grade level, content, and game type.

Grades K-5: Play ball at Funbrain baseball while improving your math skills!  Solve each math problem correctly and go for the home run... but be careful not to strike out!


Grades K-5: Fact Monster has many levels of practice to perfect your math facts. There are even some bonus games to add to your fun!


Grades pre-K-3:  Check out PBS and play fun math games with your favorite PBS show and characters!  This site is fun and engaging for early elementary students!


Grades K-6: Give your brain a workout playing math games, logic games, story math, and more at Math Playground. This site has a fun variety of games at all levels. 

Grades K-6:  iPractice is an all around platform with an infinate number of activities.  You can create a student and parent account to keep track of your progress and create reports.


Grades K-5:  Funbrain offers hundreds of free interactive games, books videos and printables. Search the Math Zone for fun games to play and help sharpen your math skills! 


Grades K-5: These fun online math games include a large selection of concepts.  Choose your level and choose your game! 


Grades K-6: Sign up for free to play all levels of math video games.  Archademics provides fun and challenging games!